In a designated Child Friendly Area in a war ravaged territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), many orphans were plagued with dysentery and dehydration. Answering this appeal for help, ACN dug a well and purified its water so that today 244 orphans and 69 households have easy access to drinkable water.

ACN assistance did not stop there. When it was learned that a nearby village was also suffering from large scale dysentery and dehydration, ACN provided a connection from the ACN well to the nearby village. The 290 children in the village of 51 households now also has access to purified water.

Burundi Refugees in DRC - 7,000 refugees arrived by boat from nearby Burundi, and the government gathered the refugees into three camps, provided them with tents and enough food for one meal a day. ACN assisted the most vulnerable of the refugees, 300 orphans, by providing mosquito nets and blankets. A women's group worked with volunteers to dig latrines to prevent the spread of cholera.