As a result of a meeting with our adolescent girls regarding their 4-5 day pattern of absenteeism from school each month, ACN learned that the girls, unable to afford commercial, disposable sanitary napkins, had become embarrassed by the ineffectiveness of their own makeshift devices. and as a result had decided to remain at home 4-5 days each month.

ACN immediately acted to correct the problem. In partnership with both SDKF and Days for Girls-Uganda, two outstanding NGOs, a select group of the children's Guardians were trained (by Days for Girls-Uganda) to produce both sanitary napkins from local resources, and to produce liquid soap, as well. As opposed to the commercial, disposable sanitary napkins that are too expensive for many in the slums to afford, this relatively inexpensive durable product can last up to three years with proper care. 

Having completed their training, the trained Guardians are currently applying for local government recognition as a cooperative. As the team becomes stronger and as production increases, ACN is phasing out its involvement as the women become increasingly self-reliant.