There have been so many wonderful people who have stepped forward to help ACN and we would like to introduce some of them to you:

Denise Chiang's involvement with ACN goes all the way back to when she was a high school student at The American School in Switzerland. There she joined a student group called Assisting Children with AIDS (ACA), which focused on assisting orphaned Romanian children with HIV/AIDS.

When this student group later evolved into the larger and more far-reaching Assisting Children in Need (ACN) and left Switzerland for the United States,  Denise asked if she could again help vulnerable children by assisting with ACN's annual fundraiser in New York. 

She continued to volunteer with the New York fundraiser, and last year, when Melissa Klein, the fundraiser's founder and long term organizer left New York for employment in Maine, Denise stepped into the on-site leadership role. Without her leadership, it would have been difficult to continue sponsoring the New York fundraiser. It is because of Denise's dedication to both ACN and to the children it serves that we salute Denise in this special way. Thank you, Denise!

Simon Tham is an energetic, proactive and dedicated volunteer. He quickly identifies the needs of ACN projects and then enthusiastically takes on the challenge of addressing those needs.

When he visited ACN’s Centre of Hope in Moshi, Tanzania, he saw the need for electricity in and outside of the building. Simon immediately purchased solar panels and lamps, and installed the system with the help of a local electrician and the supplier's instructions conveyed over the phone.

He pursued his interest in photography and took photos of the ACN projects in Uganda and Tanzania. He taught himself how to use Photoshop and exhibited his photos at the ACN New York fundraiser to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the children we support.

In 2012, ACN needed to reformat its website, and Simon decided that he would save ACN this considerable cost and take on the project himself. He taught himself how to code in WordPress and offered significant technical support in addition to managing the site for 4 years. 

Thank you Simon for all you do for Assisting Children in Need; we are honored to have you as part of the team!


Georgetown University students, under the leadership of the group's founder, Jessica Kocan and Shelby Bartemy, last year raised $460 for ACN at their Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser. Funds raised went to the Education Fund set up for Tanzanian young people with Albinism, and assisted our last sponsored student in Tanzania to graduate.

To learn more about this dynamic (and greatly appreciated) group, please click: http://www.causes.com/causes/812963-georgetown-students-assisting-children-in-need/about

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to this Georgetown University student group!



Tis the season of giving all through the city,

On the 12th floor is our holiday tree, isn’t it pretty?

Dune makes a donation for each photo hung with care,

Please take a team Polaroid, be it smiling or with flare.

Assisting Children In Need is the charity we are serving,

Come strike a pose and we will help a group so deserving!


ACN wants to salute the fundraising efforts of Michael Chan, who entered a half marathon (13.1 miles) in Hong Kong in order to raise money for the children ACN assists. Thank you, Michael, not only for raising $2,500 for the children, but also for demonstrating how people can creatively support a cause.

Chi Chen played a critical role not only in redesigning the ACN website, but also in providing hosting services, as well. Always punctual with his responses, Chi volunteered his time and knowledge in troubleshooting web related issues and brainstorming ideas to improve ACN’s site. His outstanding volunteer effort has helped us to share the stories of the children we assist to a larger audience. Thank you, Chi! Chi has now become one of ACN's newly formed ACN Goodwill Ambassadors.

While Dania Ahmed was a student in Norway she was not only very involved with fundraising for ACN, but also was involved in building awareness for some of the challenges abandoned and orphaned children face. She created and distributed leaflets about our ACN projects and additionally made a YouTUBE Video for ACN. A dedicated work appreciated by all of us!

Dr. Lavette Mullinnix and the students of our ACN Chapter at the Skagerak International School in Norway, our heartfelt thanks go out to them for raising $2,300 for one of our projects in Romania. These friends of ACN have given us permission to share their beautiful letter to the children they support.